Atlas Computers is a provider of computer repair & service located in Griffith, Indiana that has been serving local businesses and residences in Northwest Indiana since 1999. Our goal is to provide affordable, quality computer service to local businesses and individual computer owners in times of need.
Who are we?
We are a small owner-operated company that started from nothing in late 1999 - two young guys with wide eyes and no money. Since then we have grown up to be a well respected computer service company, managing the IT infrastructure for dozens of area busisness and serving several hundred residential clients every year. Today, Atlas Computers is still run by the same two people who founded the company, and unlike with some places you can always expect to be helped by the same people that you have worked with in the past.
Why pick us?
Aside from being a long established, locally owned business run by well educated, extremely experienced professionals, our biggest selling point is our attention to you, the client. We do not simply serve customers through a revolving door and then move on to the next - we have clients with whom we develop working relationships. We get to know our clients well, and you can expect us to remember you as soon as we pick up the phone - none of that impersonal 'please wait while I look up your account' business. It is our business to know your business and keep it running smoothly.
What do we do?
Simply put, we fix problems. Computer related problems primarily, although we also often work with telephony, network infrastructure, and general business procedural practices relating to technology (some might call this 'computer consulting'). We also do a fair amount of web design, specializing in database-driven web applications. We offer services to both residential and commercial clients - at the commercial level we serve as the IT department for small businesses that cannot afford and do not need a full-time IT staff.
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